About Us


Hey gurlss✨ so my name is Ta’shae I am the CEO & owner of @shaybodycare I am 27 years old from Brooklyn NY, I started off as a fashion designer making clothes out of sheets, curtains and ripping up old clothes and making them into something else in high school. You couldn’t tell me nothing I was so motivated, so inspired I ’ve always been a creator and was so passionate about it.

I wanted to attend FIT, but I didn’t have a portfolio and didn’t know how to sketch for nothing. I took my dreams basically to my style and just designed my own clothes I was always different from everyone else and I knew it.

Long story short years after thinking I wanted to be a fashion designer, In the year 2017 I started my brand shopshaymoena which is my nick name & middle name. Here I was selling lashes then in 2019 I started making handmade hair bonnets and accessories, but of course I got bored and wanted to do something else it just wasn’t me. Which is when I took some time out from my business and thought to myself what change do I wanna bring to the market what are some stuff I go through that I can relate with other girls like me.

My child hood felt like it flew pass so fast and I always wanted it with me. So I started doing body care products. 10 out of 10 us girls have a whole dresser, bag and bathroom full of fragrances that we love so much ! I wanted to make a product that made you feel amazing, brought you back to being a child again and actually had benefits such as helping with stretch marks, making your skin glow and so much more.

So here I am growing with you guys ! Thank you guys so much for those who have been supporting and hayyy to all my newbie gurlsss 💗