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Roll On Perfume Oil

Roll On Perfume Oil

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Roll On Perfume Oil offers long-lasting fragrance without strong alcohol or chemical scents. Get up to 8 hours of notice-worthy, pleasant aroma that won't overpower those around you. With natural essential oils, it's an ideal choice for all-day freshness.



Peach Eucalyptus 

  • Top - Apple, Green
  • Middle - Peach
  • Bottom - Floral Syrup 
  • Top - Mint
  • Middle - Eucalyptus
  • Bottom - Musk



Coconut Vanilla 

  • Top - Fruit, Butter
  • Middle - Coconut, Creamy Custard
  • Bottom - Pastry, Vanilla

Fruit Loops 

  • Top - Citrus
  • Middle - Cherry, Orange
  • Bottom - Vanilla, Sandalwood



A fruit basket with strawberries enhanced with freshly sliced bananas.


Peach Nectar

  • Top - Apple, Green
  • Middle - Peach
  • Bottom - Floral Syrup 


Orange Sherbet 

  • Top - Aldehydic, Sweet Orange, Pineapple
  • Middle - Red Fruits, Tropical
  • Bottom - Creamy Vanilla


Egyptian Amber 

  • Top – Green, Fresh
  • Middle – Spice, Patchouli, Lily
  • Bottom – Musk, Amber, Sandalwood, Vanilla


Baja Cactus Blossom

  • Top – Green, Citrus
  • Middle – Coconut, Floral
  • Bottom – Musk, Wood


Pina Colada 

  • Top - Banana, Pineapple
  • Middle - Coconut
  • Bottom - Vanilla, Tonka


Sugared Pralines 

  • Top - Buttercream
  • Middle - Cinnamon, Ginger, Pecan, Maple
  • Bottom - Vanilla  


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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Nicole Slade
Egyptian Amber

Smells so good and long lasting. It smells slightly sweet, clean and musky.

Alexis P

So I got the Egyptian Amber and let me tell you, the scent is GORGEOUS!! It keeps me feeling and smelling divine for HOURS!!! Definitely buying again! If you wanna feel and smell like a goddess all day long, THIS IS FOR YOU!!! ❤️

Kimberly H.
By far my favorite

This here babeee is deeee-licious!! This scent made me really enjoy wearing oils. Definitely going to continue purchasing these.

Shanice brown
my favorite scent so far brown sugar babe

So I loveeeee a good brown sugar scent a lot of times I tried brown sugar from different companies and they all smell different but this one smells soooo divine it’s so warm , but appealing at the same you can literally smell me when I’m not even in the room it’s super strong and I will be ordering more.

Sierra James
I was feeling myself when I used this

I ordered the peach eucalyptus and Egyptian Amber WORST IDEA! Gurlllllllll my man was mad at me and I had to make it up to him so I used this put on some sexy stuff and he couldn’t get enough of me now we back and better !

The best scent I ever had

Egyptian amber smells so good ! It smells like a freaking Goddes wearing all gold while her skin is glowing in the sun and everyone just looking at the ground she walks on I freaking LOVE ITTTTT

Ghj Gshw
Egyptian amber

It smells so grown and mature ! But still fresh and floral

When i say it works it worksssss

So I love natural stuff I’m a oil girl and when I say my favorite scent is the peach eucalyptus like WTH this scent is so different and magical lol it’s soft but pretty calm but loud smooth and gentle all in one lol I had to get another one ! And it last longgggg